Daniel Sperling: ITS-Davis 25th Anniversary Invitation

ITS-Davis' Founding Director, Daniel Sperling, invites students, alumni, family, and friends to celebrate ITS-Davis' 25th anniversary.

In The News

Predicting the Car (and Fuel) of the Future
NPR’s Science Friday
Twenty-four years after appearing on the program, experts look at the progress of electric and alternative fuel vehicles. “I have complete confidence we will move to all EVs in the coming decades,” said Dan Sperling, professor of civil and environmental engineering & the founding director of the Institute for Transportation Studies at the University of California-Davis.
Natural Climate Solutions Symposium
University of California (UCTV)
Video highlights of the symposium co-sponsored by The Nature Conservancy and the UC Davis Policy Institute on Energy, Environment and the Economy, with an introduction by Policy Institute Executive Director Kit Batten. Airing on cable stations across California and in seven other states and available for viewing now.