Daniel Sperling: ITS-Davis 25th Anniversary Invitation

ITS-Davis' Founding Director, Daniel Sperling, invites students, alumni, family, and friends to celebrate ITS-Davis' 25th anniversary.

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In deep with a hydrogen vehicle expert: ‘There is something different this time’
“This year, next year, the next few years are really going to be very telling for fuel cells.”–Professor Joan Ogden, UC Davis.
Why are the world’s cap-and-trade markets struggling to keep prices up?
The Sacramento Bee
Investors and businesses may be holding back in today’s market, waiting to see if they’ll need to buy more emission allowances to use after 2020, said UC Davis economics professor James Bushnell.  “People should still expect to buy permits sooner or later, but it appears they want to do it later,” he said.